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Can I buy replacement parts for my game if I have damaged cards or lost pieces?Updated 6 days ago

Sadly, we are unable to ship 'individual' game pieces at this time. We are working towards providing individual pieces for sale on our website, and once they are available, we'll make sure to notify everyone. 

You can, however, purchase a Double Burrito Replacement Pack! Currently shipping to US customers only, but we're planning to open it up to more territories as soon as we can.

Please note, at this time we only have these regular burritos for sale as a replacement pack and not the Extreme Burritos. 

As we continue to grow you may see the option for the 
Extreme Outdoor Edition burritos replacement pack and other replacement parts become available.                                                                                          

In the meantime, visit our site for our latest sales and offerings on familiar favorites and newly released games to add to your collection!

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